Exploring the Backtest page

Exploring the Information on the Backtest Page

The Backtest page provides a comprehensive overview of the results and metrics associated with a specific backtest. In this article, we will explore the information available on the Backtest page, guiding you through the various widgets and their respective data.

Header Section:

At the top of the page, the Header section displays the Backtest ID, status (which can include New, Preparing, Prepared, Analyzing, Analyzed, Running, Completed, or Failed), the date of the backtest, and a delete button.

Settings Widget:

The Settings widget contains the following information:

  • Exchange: The exchange on which the backtest was performed.

  • Market: The market for which the backtest was executed.

  • Period: Parameter on the backtest page refers to the time interval used to display candlestick formations on the chart, helping traders analyze price movements and patterns within a specific timeframe.

  • Start: Indicates the start date of the backtest.

  • End: Specifies the end date of the backtest.

Balance Widget:

The Balance widget provides valuable balance-related information, including:

  • Final: The final balance achieved after the backtest.

  • Percent: The percentage difference between the initial and final balances.

  • Initial: The initial balance at the start of the backtest.

  • Maximum: The highest balance recorded during the backtest.

  • Minimum: The lowest balance recorded during the backtest.

  • Total Return: The overall return on investment during the backtest.

Time Log Widget:

The Time Log widget displays the stages of the backtest, including the start and end times of each stage, the total duration of each stage, and the overall duration of the entire backtest. The four stages are Created, Preparing, Analyzing, and Running.

Bot Widget:

This widget showcases the bot's name, type, market, period, and any specified bot conditions.

Trade Settings Widget:

The Trade Settings widget provides an overview of the trading parameters and settings used in the backtest.

Backtest Statistics Widget:

This widget is divided into two parts. The first part includes statistics such as:

  • Gross Profit: The total profit obtained during the backtest.

  • Gross Loss: The total loss incurred during the backtest.

  • Profit per Day: The average daily profit during the backtest.

  • Absolute Drawdown: The maximum decline from the highest point of the balance.

  • Expected Payoff: The average profit or loss per trade.

The second part of the widget displays:

  • Deals Count: The total number of trades executed during the backtest.

  • Profit and Loss Deals Chart: A visual representation of profit and loss trades.

  • Largest Profit: The highest profit obtained from a single trade.

  • Largest Loss: The largest loss incurred from a single trade.

  • Average Profit Trade: The average profit per trade.

  • Average Loss Trade: The average loss per trade.

  • Average Net Profit: The average net profit after deducting losses.

  • Average Deal Lifetime: The average duration of deals.

  • Minimum Deal Lifetime: The shortest duration of a deal.

  • Maximum Deal Lifetime: The longest duration of a deal.

Balance History Chart:

This graphical representation illustrates the change in the initial balance throughout the backtest.

Deals Table:

The Deals table provides detailed information about each trade executed during the backtest. The available information includes:

  • Deal Type result: Profit or Loss

  • Invested: The amount invested in the deal.

  • Purchased: The assets purchased in the deal.

  • Returns: The returns obtained from the deal.

  • Duration: The duration of the deal.

The table can be filtered by return type (profit or loss), and columns can be sorted in ascending or descending order.


The Backtest page offers a wealth of information to analyze and evaluate the performance of a trading strategy. By exploring the various widgets and data provided, traders can gain insights into key statistics, balance changes, trade details, and more. Utilize this information to refine and optimize your trading strategies for better results.

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