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Exploring DarkBot's Comprehensive Trade Statistics

DarkBot provides users with comprehensive trade statistics, offering detailed insights into both orders and completed trades. Our platform stores and organizes essential information, empowering users to access and review their trading history, bot performance, and individual trade details. Let's dive into what trade statistics encompass and how they enable users to make informed decisions: 1) Trade History: provides comprehensive trade statistics, focusing on completed trades. This includes essential information such as market pair, entry and exit points (Amount and Total), trade size, execution price, and trade fee. Users can analyze this data to gain insights into the performance of their trades and evaluate the effectiveness of their trading strategies.

2) Orders Statistics: captures and records information on all orders placed on the platform. This includes details such as order type (market or limit), order size, order status (open, completed, or canceled), orders filled and associated fees or costs. Users can easily access their complete order history and review the specific parameters and status of each order.

3) Bot statistics: For users employing trading bots on, our platform offers detailed statistics on individual bot performance. Users can access bot-specific trade data, including the number of executed trades, success rate, average profit or loss per deal, and overall profitability. This information allows users to assess the performance of their bots and make informed decisions about strategy optimization.

4) Deals statistics: DarkBot provides users with comprehensive deal statistics for individual bots and overall last completed deals. Users can access detailed trade data for each deal, including the amount invested, total returns, ROI percentage, deal duration, and the date of completion. This information allows users to track the performance of each bot, evaluate their profitability, and make data-driven decisions about bot configuration and optimization. Additionally, users can review the aggregate trade statistics for all completed deals, providing a holistic view of their trading activities and overall performance.

5) Market statistics: harnesses the power of its trading bots to gather comprehensive market statistics. Users can access aggregated information on the market's performance, providing valuable insights into their trading activities. Here are the key components of's market statistics. By providing users with a consolidated view of their trading activities,'s market statistics empower them to assess their overall market performance, track investment outcomes, and evaluate the effectiveness of their trading strategies.

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