Exploring the Investment page

Exploring the Investment Page

The Investment page serves as a crucial component of the portfolio management system, allowing users to trade and manage their investments through a connected exchange. An investment represents the primary stablecoin in the portfolio and serves as the foundation for trading activities carried out by our bot. This article provides a detailed description of the information available on the Investment page, including charts, widgets, and tables.

Header Information:

At the top of the page, the header section displays the coin's name, ID, and investment status, indicating whether it is active or inactive.

Balance Widget:

The Balance widget provides an overview of key parameters related to the investment:

  1. Available: This represents the available balance in the investment currency, which can be utilized for trading activities.

  2. Invested: It denotes how much coin was invested by the bot in deals

  3. Hold: This indicates the frozen amount that is temporarily unavailable for trading.

  4. Estimated: It represents the estimated value of the investment in Bitcoin.

  5. Daily Revenue: This parameter reflects the estimated daily revenue generated by the investment.

Allocation Widget:

The Allocation widget displays two key percentages:

  1. Real Percent: This percentage represents the investment's share of the total portfolio balance.

  2. Planned Percent (Premium Subscription Only): This is a customizable planned percentage that can be set using the portfolio management feature. Our system strives to achieve the planned balance by rebalancing the available balance accordingly. NOTE: The percentage setting is available in the modal Manage allocation, which opens when you click on the gear button, discussed in more detail in this article

Settings Widget:

The Settings widget provides users with the ability to configure various investment-related settings:

  1. Maximum Daily Drawdown: This parameter measures the maximum fall in the coin's value during the last 24 hours, calculated as the difference between the current value and the highest peak before the trough. By default, this value is set to Unlimited, but users can customize it according to their risk tolerance. Clicking the gear icon in the top right corner of the widget opens a modal window where users can set the desired value. The maximum allowable value for the Maximum Daily Drawdown field is 100%. Leaving the fields empty ensures that the parameters remain Unlimited.

  2. Maximum Running Deals: This parameter determines the maximum number of simultaneous deals that can be executed by all attached bots for this coin. Similar to the Maximum Daily Drawdown, the default value is set to Unlimited. Users can adjust this parameter by accessing the modal window via the gear icon. Leaving the fields empty ensures that the parameters remain infinite.

NOTE: How to change the settings for investments you can learn from this article.

Exchange Widget:

The Exchange widget displays essential information related to the connected exchange:

  1. Total Available Balance: It shows the overall available balance on the exchange for the investment.

  2. Estimated in Selected Currency: This indicates the estimated value of the balance in the currency selected within our system.

  3. Rebalancing Status (Premium Subscription Only): For premium subscribers, this status indicates whether the investment is undergoing rebalancing.

  4. Daily Revenue Percentage: It represents the percentage of daily revenue generated by the investment.

  5. User Comment: If the user has provided any comments, they will be displayed in this widget.

Balance Statistics Chart:

The Balance Statistics chart presents investment coin data in a graphical format, including Total, Invested, Available, and Hold. Users can select different time periods for displaying the chart, such as Day (selected by default), Week, Month, or All Time.

Market Bots Table:

The Market Bots table provides an overview of all created bots associated with the investment. The table includes the following information:

  1. Bot Type & Coins: It indicates the type of the bot (Custom or Genetic) and the bot's name, which is assigned during the bot creation process.

  2. Deals Statistics: This mini chart displays the ratio of Profitable and Loss deals.

  3. Total Return: It represents the total return achieved by the bot.

  4. Period: This column specifies the time period for which the bot operates.

  5. Deals: The total number of deals associated with the bot.

  6. Activation Toggle: Users can activate or deactivate a bot by using this toggle switch.

  7. Edit Button: Clicking this button opens the bot editing page.

The table provides filtering options based on bot type (Custom or Genetic), bot status (Enable or Disable), and total return (Profit or Loss). Sorting functionality allows users to arrange the table data in ascending or descending order based on specific columns.

At the top right corner of the table, a [Create a New Bot] button is available, enabling users to create a new bot for the investment.


The Investment page offers a comprehensive set of tools and information to manage investments effectively. With access to charts, widgets, and tables, users can monitor their investment performance, configure settings, and create and manage bots seamlessly. This powerful platform empowers users to make informed decisions and optimize their investment strategies.

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