What information is available on the Credentials page

Managing Exchange Connections and Portfolio Coins

The Credentials page serves as a comprehensive dashboard where users can manage their connected exchanges and access detailed information about each exchange. Additionally, users can connect new exchanges or change the invalid Api Keys. Let's delve into the key features and components of the Credentials page.

How to get to the Credentials page:

  1. On the sidebar menu click on the Credentials page:

Connected Exchanges:

On the Credentials page, users can view all their connected exchanges, including both existing connections and newly added ones. Each connected exchange is represented by a detailed block that provides valuable information. In the header of the exchange card, users can find the exchange name, exchange status, ID, and comments left by the user for the connected.

Exchange Metrics:

Within the exchange card header, users can also view essential metrics related to the exchange. These include the available balance in both BTC and the user-selected fiat currency in the system, as well as the daily revenue percentage associated with the exchange.

Error Messages:

If any errors or important notifications are relevant to the connected exchange, they may be displayed under the header section of the exchange card. These messages provide users with immediate feedback and help address any potential issues or concerns related to the exchange connection.

Portfolio Coins Table:

Below the exchange card header, users can find a table displaying the coins within their portfolio associated with the connected exchange. This table provides detailed information for each stablecoin, including the following metrics:

  1. Coin: This column showcases the name of each coin within the portfolio.

  2. Allocation Chart: The allocation chart visually represents the distribution of funds across different coins in the portfolio.

  3. Available: This metric represents the available balance of each coin, indicating the amount that can be utilized for trading.

  4. Invested: The invested metric reflects the amount of funds currently invested in each coin.

  5. Estimated: This metric provides an estimation of the value of each coin in BTC.

  6. Daily Revenue: The daily revenue metric indicates the percentage of revenue generated by each coin on a daily basis.

  7. Bots: This column displays the number of bots created for each coin. If no bots have been created, a button labeled [+] is displayed, allowing users to access the Bot wizard and create a new bot for the respective coin.

Filtering Connected Exchanges:

To facilitate a more precise search for a specific exchange, the Credentials page provides filtering options. Users can apply filters based on various parameters to narrow down the displayed exchanges and locate the desired exchange efficiently. These filtering options enable users to organize and manage their connected exchanges effectively.

Change Api Keys:

In the event that API keys become outdated or are no longer supported, an error message will be displayed in place of the portfolio coin table, indicating: "Your API or secret key is no longer supported. Please change it to a valid key." Alongside the error message, a button labeled [Change API Keys] will appear on the right side. Clicking this button will open a modal window where users can enter their new API key and secret key.

This feature allows users to easily update their API keys without navigating away from the Credentials page. By clicking the [Change API Keys] button and entering the updated keys in the provided input fields, users can ensure seamless connectivity and uninterrupted access to their exchange data.


The Credentials page offers users a centralized platform to manage their connected exchanges and gain valuable insights into their portfolio coins. From viewing exchange details and metrics to exploring coin-specific information, this page empowers users to make informed decisions and optimize their investment strategies. The availability of filtering options further enhances the user experience, allowing for streamlined access to specific exchanges within the portfolio.

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