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Stay Connected with Telegram Notifications for Enhanced Trading Experience offers seamless integration with Telegram, allowing users to receive real-time notifications related to their trading activities. With flexible notification settings, users have full control over their notification preferences, enabling them to stay informed about different categories of trading events. Whether it's deals, trailing, trade requests, credentials, or security, provides a comprehensive range of notification templates to cater to each user's needs. (You can read how to set up notifications here!)

Types and templates of available notifications:

Category: Deals

Notification Templates:

  1. New deal for {market} was started at {exchange} exchange.

  2. Deal for {market} was completed at {exchange} exchange. Invested {invested}. #Profit {profit} {percent}%.

  3. Deal for {market} was force completed at {exchange} exchange. Invested {invested}. #Profit {profit} {percent}%.

  4. Deal for {market} was canceled at {exchange} exchange. {comment}.

  5. Stop loss initialized for market {market}.

  6. Please note that the deal was completed with unsold amount {unsold} {asset}. During the next deal on market {market}, this amount will be sold.

Category: Trailing

Notification Templates:

  1. Trailing {type} for market {market} was created at price {initialPrice}. Trailing {trailingPrice}.

  2. Trailing {type} for market {market} was changed from {old} to {new}.

  3. Trailing {type} for market {market} was completed at {finalPrice}. Initial price was {initialPrice}.

Category: Trade Requests

Notification Templates:

  1. Trade request #{side} was created on market {market} at {exchange} exchange with a rate of {rate}. Planned quantity: {quantity}. Planned amount: {amount}.

  2. Trade request #{side} was completed on market {market} at {exchange} exchange. Executed quantity: {quantity}. Executed amount: {amount}.

  3. Trade request #{side} was canceled on market {market} at {exchange} exchange.

  4. Trade request #{side} on market {market} was failed at {exchange} exchange. Error: {error}.

  5. Order {side} with price {price} and total {total} was created on the {market} market at {exchange}.

  6. Order {side} with price {price} was canceled on the {market} market at {exchange}.

Category: Credentials

Notification Templates:

  1. Your account at {exchange} exchange was successfully connected.

  2. Balance {amount} {currency} was saved for credentials at {exchange} exchange. Total holdings value: {holdings}.

  3. Rebalancing started on {exchange} exchange.

  4. Rebalancing completed on {exchange} exchange.

  5. Rebalancing failed on {exchange} exchange. Error: {error}.

Category: Security Notification Templates:

  1. New login from {city}, {country}. IP: {ip}.

With's Telegram notification feature, users can effortlessly manage and monitor their trading activities. Whether they prefer to receive notifications for every category or selectively enable specific notifications, ensures that users stay up to date with the latest market events and trading-related updates.

Telegram Notification Display Example:

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