Exploring the Deals details page

A Comprehensive Overview of the Deals Details page

The deal details page in Darkbot provides traders with a wealth of information to monitor and analyze their trades. In this article, we will take a closer look at each component of the page, helping users understand the available features and data in a more detailed and visually appealing manner.


At the top of the page, the header section provides essential details about the deal. It includes the market on which the deal is active, the unique deal ID, the current status of the deal, and the date and time when the deal was created.

Left Section:

The left section of the page comprises several informative widgets and blocks:

  1. Volumes: This widget displays a summary of key volume-related information. It shows the total funds invested, the quantity of coins bought, the amount of investment returned, the number of coins sold, and the overall return on investment.

  2. Available Balances: This widget presents the current available balance for each coin in the trading pair, providing traders with a clear overview of their available funds.

  3. Statistics: Here, traders can find statistical insights into their deal. It includes the number of orders executed, the number of trades made, the average buy and sell prices, information on whether the deal was manually launched, whether force complete was initiated, the deal duration, and, depending on the deal status, the time of completed or cancellation.

  4. Bot Widget: This widget provides information about the associated bot. Traders can view the bot's type, trading period, supported markets, and any specific conditions set for the bot.

  5. Trade Settings: This widget displays all the trading settings configured for the bot during its creation, allowing traders to review and modify their settings if needed.

  6. Investment: The investment widget showcases the primary coin used in the deal. It provides details on the total investment across all bots, the current investment balance, and an estimated balance in BTC, giving traders a comprehensive understanding of their investments.

  7. Exchange Widget: This widget provides information about the connected exchange. Traders can view the total available balance on the exchange, the estimated balance in the selected currency, the rebalancing status (available for premium subscriptions), and the percentage of daily revenue generated. User-provided comments are also displayed, if any, adding a personal touch to the widget.

  8. Danger Zone: The Danger Zone section allows traders to take specific actions related to the deal. For deals in the "Ready" status, the option to cancel the deal (Force Cancel) is available. For deals in the "Running" status, traders can choose to force complete the deal. These options give traders control over their deals based on their preferences and market conditions.

Right section (Tabs):

The right section varies depending on the selected tab: Overview, Market, or History.

  1. Overview (selected by default): The Overview tab presents traders with widgets related to conditions, indicators, and Pivot Point signals. It also includes a block displaying trade requests, providing insights into the factors that triggered the deal.

  2. Market: On the Market tab, traders can explore comprehensive information about the trading pair from the connected exchange. This includes market information such as the opening price, 24-hour trading volume, mark price, trade count, 24-hour high and low prices, and the percentage change in price. Additionally, the tab offers a candlestick chart, order book, and public trades, empowering traders with real-time market data.

  3. History: The History tab provides detailed tables of orders and trades specific to the deal. By deactivating the corresponding checkboxes, traders can expand the view to include all orders and trades related to the trading pair, gaining a comprehensive historical perspective.


The deal details page in Darkbot offers traders a comprehensive range of information to monitor, analyze, and make informed decisions about their trades. The combination of visual widgets, insightful statistics, and detailed tabs empowers traders to optimize their trading strategies and enhance their overall trading experience. With Darkbot's user-friendly and informative deal details page, traders can navigate the complexities of the market with confidence and achieve their desired trading outcomes.

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