Exploring the Technical analysis Tab on the Bot Details Page

Technical Analysis: Market Summary and Detailed Insights

The Technical Analysis tab provides valuable insights into the market conditions, indicators and Pivot Point used by the trading bot. This tab features the Market Summary table and detailed analysis for each configured market. In this article, we will explore the functionalities and data presented on the Technical Analysis tab.

Market Summary Table:

The Market Summary table displays the technical analysis for the markets configured for the bot. It provides the following information:

  • Conditions: Indicates whether the predefined conditions for market entry are fulfilled or not satisfied.

  • Indicators: Represents the current signal from the selected indicators (NONE, BUY, or SELL).

  • Pivot Point: Represents the current signal from the pivot point indicator (NONE, BUY, or SELL).

If no specific conditions are selected for the bot, it will consider all conditions fulfilled. Similarly, if no indicators or pivot points are selected, the signals will be displayed as NONE, allowing for the creation and execution of deals.

The Market Summary table allows users to quickly assess the technical analysis status of each market and make informed decisions based on the signals and condition fulfillment.

Detailed Technical Analysis:

Clicking on a market in the Market Summary table opens a detailed window displaying a comprehensive technical analysis for that market.

The detailed analysis window includes the following components:

  • Expected and Current Condition States: Provides a comparison of the expected and current states for each condition, indicating whether they are fulfilled or not satisfied.

  • Indicators and Their Signals: Displays the selected indicators and their current signals (NONE, BUY, or SELL).

  • Pivot Point Status: Indicates the status of the pivot point indicator.

The detailed analysis window allows users to delve deeper into the technical analysis of a specific market. By comparing the expected and current states, users can assess the market's performance and evaluate the effectiveness of their chosen indicators and conditions.

If no indicators, conditions, or pivot points are selected for the market, the respective sections will be empty in the detailed analysis window.


The Technical Analysis tab offers comprehensive insights into market trends and technical indicators used by the trading bot. The Market Summary table provides an overview of the condition fulfillment, current indicator signals, and pivot point signals for each configured market.

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