How to create and setup Binance API key

Connect your Binance Futures account to DarkBot

In this article, we will show you how to create, configure, and connect your Binance API key to the Darkbot platform.

DarkBot is a trading platform that allows you to work with numerous cryptocurrency exchanges from a unified interface with access to additional tools that are not available on the exchange.

All trading operations are created and processed by using an exchange API key which is unique for every user. An API key is a safest and reliable way to use a platform because it does not give access to your personal data and prevents any funds management (withdrawals & deposits).

1. Log in to Binance

Log in to your Binance account or create a new one.

2. Open Futures Account

To connect your Binance Futures Account, the first step is to create one. Please, go to your Wallet > Futures to open a new Binance Futures Account. If you already have Binance Futures Account, you can skip this step.

3. Go to API Management page

From your account settings (top-right corner) navigate to API Management page.

4. Label your API key

Give your API key any name (it is your personal choice) so you can easily understand that this key is connected to your Darkbot account. When ready, click [Create].

5. Copy your API key and Secret key

Before we edit permissions of your API key, make sure to copy your API key and Secret Key somewhere safe. Otherwise, after editing API key permission the Secret key becomes hidden and you would need to start over again.

6. Match API key restrictions

Now you need to Edit restrictions on your API key so our platform receives access to process your trading activity on your Binance account. Please, click [Edit restrictions] as shown below and follow the instructions below.

Here is the list of required permissions:

  1. Can Read on (active by default)

  2. Enable Spot & Margin Trading off

  3. Enable Withdrawals off

  4. Enable Futures on

  5. Unrestricted IP access on

  6. When ready, click [Save]

7. Match you API key with our application

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