How to get to the investment page

Three Methods Explained

The Investment page is a vital component of our portfolio management system, providing users with essential tools and information to monitor and manage their investments. This article outlines three different methods to access the Investment page, allowing users to seamlessly navigate to their desired investment details.

Method 1: Through the Credentials Page

  1. Start by navigating to the Credentials page within the platform.

  2. Locate the connected exchange in your portfolio.

  3. Click on the specific coin or investment you are interested in.

  4. This action will redirect you to the Investment page, where you can access detailed information and manage your investment.

Method 2: Via the Credentials Page (Detailed View)

  1. Begin by visiting the Credentials page.

  2. Locate the connected exchange that contains the desired investment.

  3. Click on the header of connected exchange to access the detailed view of the credentials.

  4. Within the Portfolio section of the detailed view, find the specific coin or investment.

  5. Click on the coin to navigate directly to the Investment page, where you can explore comprehensive information and settings for that investment.

Method 3: Through Investment Widgets

  1. On various pages of the platform, such as Bot Details or Deals Details, look for the investment widget.

  2. Click on the investment widget, which typically represents the investment coin or symbol.

  3. This action will instantly take you to the Investment page, where you can access in-depth data, charts, and other relevant information about the investment.


With these three methods, users can easily access the Investment page and gain valuable insights into their investment performance. Whether through the Credentials page, the detailed view of credentials, or by utilizing investment widgets, users can conveniently navigate to the Investment page and leverage its features to manage their investments effectively.

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