What information is available on the bot details page

A Comprehensive Overview of the Bot Details Page

The Bot Details page provides users with in-depth information about a specific bot, including its settings, trading parameters, performance metrics, and more. In this article, we will walk you through the various sections and widgets available on the Bot Details page, helping you gain valuable insights into your chosen bot's configuration and performance.

Header Section:

At the top of the page, you will find the bot's name, which can be edited by clicking on it. Additionally, the header displays the bot's ID, status, a toggle switch for enabling/disabling the bot, and the creation date.

Left Side:

The left side of the page contains a set of widgets that remain consistent regardless of the selected tab.

  1. Bot Settings Widget: This widget displays the bot's settings, including its type and the candlestick chart period used for analysis. It also provides information about the market(s) the bot operates in. Additionally, if conditional statements are set, they will be displayed here. For genetic bots, the selected criteria will also be shown.

  2. Trade Settings Widget: In this widget, you can view and modify the trading settings of the bot. A select box allows you to choose the market for which you want to display the trading settings. By default, no market is selected.

  3. Investment Widget: This widget provides information about the primary coin on which the bot operates.

  4. Exchange Widget: This widget displays information about the connected exchange on which the bot operates.

  5. Danger Zone: The Danger Zone widget enables users to delete the connected exchange. This option should be exercised with caution, as it permanently removes the exchange from the system.

Right Side Content:

The content on the right side of the page varies depending on the selected tab. By default, the "Deals" tab is selected.

Deals Tab:

  1. Running Deals Widget: This widget displays the deals that are currently running and those in the "Ready" status. You can use this widget to force-run a deal that is ready or force-complete a running deal.

  2. Deals History Table: In this table, you can find details of all completed and canceled deals associated with the bot.

Markets Tab:

  1. Active Markets Table: This table provides statistics for each market for which the bot has collected data. It offers insights into the bot's performance and activities in each specific market.

Statistics Tab:

  1. General Metrics Widget: This widget presents various statistics related to the bot's performance, including total profit, total loss, profit deals, loss deals, average daily return, and more.

  2. Trade Statistics Graph: This graph visually represents the trading statistics of the bot, showing columnar representations of daily trading performance or performance over a selected period.

Technical Analysis Tab:

  1. Market Summary Table: This table provides a detailed technical analysis of each market the bot operates in. It includes information on whether the conditions for initiating a trade are met, signals from indicators, and pivot points. Clicking on a market opens a more detailed technical analysis page for that market.

Machine Learning Tab (Genetic Bots Only):

  1. Genetic Strategies Table: This table displays the status of genetic strategies for each market. Clicking on a market opens the genetic algorithm page with further details.

Backtest Tab:

  1. Backtest Table: In this tab, you can find a table with previous backtest results. By clicking "Run a new backtest," you can initiate a new backtest for the bot.


The Bot Details page offers a comprehensive overview of a bot's settings, performance metrics, and trading activities. By exploring the various sections, widgets, and tabs, traders can gain a deeper understanding of their bots' configurations, historical performance, and technical analysis. This information empowers users to make informed decisions and optimize their trading strategies on our platform.

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