How to activate a trial period

Get to know darkbot with a trial period

This guide shows you how to activate your 7-day trial subscription. There are two types of Standard and Premium subscriptions available for the trial period/ Below is the algorithm for activating the trial period.

1. Log in to you Darkbot account

2. Click on Billing page in the side menu

3. Selecting a subscription period

At this point you need to decide which period you want to use in the future after the trial period is over. Monthly payment or annual payment. Choose the period that is better for you.

4. Click the [Try 7 days for free] button in the subscription card

Once you have decided which subscription period is convenient for you and which plan you want to use, you need to click on the [Try 7 days for free] button.

5. Wait for the Stripe portal to load

6. Press the [Start trial] button

7. Wait for successful activation of the trial period

After successful activation of the trial period you should be returned to our website. And a message should appear telling you that your trial period has been successfully activated.

Additional Information

If you want your subscription to be automatically activated after the trial period ends. Then you need to add payment information for auto-renewal.

Instructions for adding payment information:

1. Go to the billing page

2. Click [Manage] in the left corner of the page

3. Wait for the Stripe portal to load

4. Click [Add payment method] button

5. Enter your payment information and click [Update]

  1. Enter the card data.

  2. Enter name of the cardholder.

  3. Enter the country and region.

  4. Click [Sign].

6. Wait for the update to load and return to the Darkbot website

Congratulations, you have activated your trial period and also set up auto-renewal for your plan after your trial period ends.

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