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A Comprehensive Guide to Configuring Portfolios in the Manage Allocation Popup

Managing a portfolio is a critical aspect of investment strategy, and our platform provides robust tools to help users optimize their portfolios. In this article, we will explore the process of configuring portfolios using the Manage Allocation popup. By following these steps, users can fine-tune their portfolio composition and set desired target percentages for each coin or asset.

Configuring Portfolio in the Manage Allocation Popup:

  1. Access the Manage Allocation popup, and activate the Auto Rebalancing feature as mentioned in our previous article.

  2. Once inside the popup, users can customize their portfolio by setting planned percentages for each coin or asset. This can be done by either dragging the slider on the graph or entering the desired percentage directly into the corresponding input field.

  3. It is crucial to ensure that the sum of all percentages assigned to coins does not exceed 100%. Our system automatically validates and alerts users if the total percentage exceeds this threshold.

  4. Users can easily visualize and adjust their portfolio allocation by observing the real-time changes in the graph representation.

  5. To provide a cleaner view and eliminate clutter, the Manage Allocation popup may initially display only coins with existing balances. To reveal all available coins, users can uncheck the "Hide empty assets" checkbox.

  6. The results of the portfolio rebalancing will be reflected in the Rebalance History table.

Automatic Rebalancing and Portfolio Optimization:

Once users have configured target percentages for each coin, our system takes care of the rest. It automatically performs portfolio rebalancing based on the set allocations, ensuring that the portfolio aligns with the desired percentages over time. This powerful feature saves users time and effort in manually adjusting their portfolios and helps maintain an optimal investment strategy.


Configuring portfolios using the Manage Allocation empowers users to tailor their investment holdings to their desired planned percentages. By leveraging the intuitive interface, users can easily set allocations for each coin and enjoy the benefits of automatic portfolio rebalancing. Remember to review rebalancing result in the Rebalance History Table and adjust allocations periodically to adapt to changing market conditions. With our platform's portfolio configuration tools, users can take control of their investments and optimize their portfolios for long-term success.

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