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Step 1 of the Bot Wizard: Selecting Credentials and Main Coin.

The Bot Wizard simplifies the process of creating trading bots by breaking it down into three easy-to-follow steps. In this article, we will delve into the first step of the Bot Wizard, which involves selecting credentials and the main coin. This step lays the foundation for the bot's trading activities and ensures seamless integration with exchange accounts.

Name your bot and select a base coin from your credentials:

  1. Name Field: At the beginning of the first step, traders are prompted to enter a name for their bot. The name should be concise and descriptive, with a maximum character limit of 100. This helps in easily identifying and managing multiple bots.

  2. Credentials Table: Following the name field, a table displaying available credentials is presented. This table provides essential information about the exchange accounts associated with the bot. The following parameters are displayed:

  • Exchange: This column indicates the name of the exchange or trading platform for each set of credentials. It allows traders to choose the preferred platform for their bot's trading activities.

  • Coin: The coin column displays the primary cryptocurrency associated with each set of credentials. It helps in determining the base currency for trading operations.

  • Amount: This parameter represents the amount of the primary coin available in the associated exchange account. It provides an overview of the available funds for trading.

  • Estimated: The estimated column displays the equivalent value of the available amount in Bitcoin (BTC). This helps traders assess the relative value of their funds across different exchanges.

  • Allocation Chart: A graphical representation, visually depicts the allocation of funds across different coins or trading pairs within the selected exchange account. It allows traders to visualize the distribution of their funds.

  • Bots: This parameter indicates the number of active bots associated with each set of credentials. It helps traders keep track of their bot portfolio and monitor their trading activities.

  1. Filtering and Sorting Options: The credentials table offers various filtering and sorting options to streamline the selection process. Traders can utilize the following features:

  • Filter by Exchange: Traders can filter the credentials table based on specific exchanges. This enables them to focus on a particular trading platform of interest.

  • Number of Bots: By selecting from pre-defined options such as "0," "1-3," "3-5," "5+," or "10+," traders can filter the credentials based on the number of bots associated with each set of credentials. This provides flexibility in managing multiple bots.

  • Coin Search: Traders can conveniently search for specific coins using the search bar. This functionality aids in locating and selecting the desired main coin.

  • Hide Empty Checkbox: By default, the "Hide Empty" checkbox is activated, which hides the credentials associated with coins that have a zero balance in the selected exchange account. This helps in decluttering the table and focusing on active coins.

  • Sorting: The credentials table can be sorted based on different columns such as Coin, Amount, Estimated, Allocation, and Bots. Sorting allows traders to arrange the table in ascending or descending order, based on their preference.


The first step of the Bot Wizard, selecting credentials and the main coin, is crucial in setting up the bot for successful trading. By considering available exchange accounts, assessing coin allocations, and utilizing filtering and sorting options, traders can efficiently choose the credentials and main coin that align with their trading objectives. This initial configuration paves the way for seamless integration with exchange platforms and ensures a solid foundation for the subsequent steps of bot creation.

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