Exploring the Backtest Tab on the Bot Details Page

Analyzing Historical Performance

The Backtests tab provides traders with the ability to run and analyze backtests for different markets. This tab features a table displaying the backtest results, and a [Run a new backtest] button in the header, which opens a pop-up window for selecting the market and specifying the initial balance for the backtest.

Backtest Results Table:

The Backtests tab table displays the results of the executed backtests. Each backtest in the table provides the following information:

  • Status: Indicates the status of the backtest (e.g., in progress, completed, failed).

  • Market: Specifies the market for which the backtest was conducted.

  • Initial Balance: Represents the initial balance allocated for the backtest.

  • Final Balance: Displays the final balance achieved at the end of the backtest.

  • Percent: Indicates the percentage change in balance from the initial to the final balance.

  • Created at: Specifies the date and time when the backtest was initiated.

The table allows traders to compare the performance of different backtests and assess the profitability of their trading strategies. By analyzing the final balance and percentage change, traders can evaluate the effectiveness of their strategies under specific market conditions.

Sorting Backtest Results:

The Backtests table offers sorting functionality for each column. By clicking on a column header, users can sort the backtest results in ascending or descending order based on the selected column. This feature facilitates the identification of top-performing backtests and enables traders to focus on the most promising strategies.

Running a New Backtest:

Clicking the "Run a new backtest" button opens a pop-up window where traders can select the market for which they want to run a backtest and specify the initial balance. This feature allows users to simulate trading strategies and evaluate their performance under historical market conditions.


The Backtests tab provides traders with a powerful tool for optimizing their trading strategies. By running backtests on different markets and analyzing the results, traders can gain valuable insights into the profitability and effectiveness of their strategies under historical market conditions.

The table in the Backtests tab displays comprehensive information about each backtest, including the market, initial and final balances, percentage change, and creation timestamp. Traders can sort the backtest results based on different columns, allowing them to identify the most successful strategies and refine their trading approaches accordingly.

With the Backtests tab, traders can make data-driven decisions, fine-tune their trading strategies, and enhance their overall trading performance.

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