Filtering Connected Exchanges:

Exploring Exchange Filtering Options on the Credentials Page

The Credentials page offers users a comprehensive platform to manage their exchange connections and access crucial information about their portfolio. With the introduction of powerful filtering options, users can now refine their view and focus on specific exchanges based on various parameters. This article will delve into the detailed functionalities of exchange filtering available on the Credentials page.

Exchange Filtering:

At the top of the Credentials page, users can find a user-friendly filtering panel that enables them to narrow down the displayed exchanges based on specific criteria. The following parameters can be utilized for filtering:

  1. Exchange: Users can filter exchanges by selecting specific connected exchanges from the dropdown list. By choosing a particular exchange, users can refine the view to display only the information associated with that exchange.

  2. Comment: The Comment filter allows users to search for specific exchanges based on the comments provided during the connection process. By entering a comment in the designated input field, users can filter and display exchanges that contain the specified comment text.

  3. ID: The ID filter allows users to search for exchanges by entering the exchange ID in the corresponding input field. By inputting the correct exchange ID, users can narrow down the displayed exchanges and quickly access the desired exchange information.

  4. Status: Users can filter exchanges based on their status: Enabled or Disabled. This filter allows users to focus on exchanges that are currently active or inactive, providing a more targeted view based on the exchange's operational status.

  5. Available Balance (BTC): The filtering options also include the ability to filter exchanges based on the available balance in BTC. Users can set a range by specifying the minimum and maximum values in the "From" and "To" fields, respectively. This functionality enables users to identify exchanges with specific available balance ranges and tailor their analysis accordingly.


The introduction of exchange filtering options on the Credentials page enhances user experience and streamlines the management of exchange connections. By utilizing these filtering parameters, users can quickly locate and access the desired exchange information, whether it's based on exchange name, comments, ID, status, or available balance in BTC. This feature empowers users to efficiently navigate their portfolio and make informed decisions based on specific exchange criteria.

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