What information is available on the orders page

Exploring the Orders Page

The Orders page provides a detailed table containing comprehensive information about all your orders. This article will guide you through the data presented on the Orders page, including available filters, sorting options, and additional features.

Orders Table:

The Orders table presents the following information for each order:

  1. Side: Indicates whether it is a buy or sell order.

  2. Order ID: Represents the unique identifier for the order.

  3. Market: Specifies the market or trading pair associated with the order.

  4. Price: Represents the price at which the order was placed.

  5. Filled: Indicates the percentage of the order that has been filled.

  6. Total: Represents the total value of the order.

  7. Executed Amount: Indicates the total amount executed for the order.

  8. Executed Quantity: Represents the quantity of the asset executed for the order.

  9. Fee: Displays the fee associated with the order.

  10. Trades: Provides information about the trades associated with the order.

  11. Exchange Status: Represents the status of the order on the exchange.

  12. Status: Indicates the overall status of the order.

  13. Time: Displays the timestamp of when the order was placed.

Filtering Options:

The Orders table can be filtered using the following options:

  1. Side: Allows filtering by buy or sell orders.

  2. Order ID: Enables filtering based on the specific order ID.

  3. Market: Provides the ability to filter orders by a particular market or trading pair.

  4. Status: Allows filtering based on the status of the order, such as open, completed, or canceled.

  5. Date Range (From and To): Enables filtering orders within a specified time range.

  6. Show Manual Orders: When activated, displays orders that were manually placed on the exchange.

Sorting Options:

The Orders table can be sorted in ascending or descending order by clicking on the column headers. This allows you to arrange the data based on specific criteria, such as sorting by price, filled percentage, or time.


The Orders page offers a comprehensive overview of all your orders, providing essential details and options for filtering and sorting the data. By utilizing the available features, you can efficiently manage and track your orders on the page.

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