How to get to the deals details page

Dive Deep into Your Deals

The Deal Details Page provides a comprehensive view of specific deals generated by your trading bot. By navigating to this page, you can explore the intricate details of each deal, enabling in-depth analysis and evaluation. This article outlines the simple steps to access the Detailed Deal Page and highlights the wealth of information available for your review. Accessing the Detailed Deal Page:

  • Navigate to the Deals page: Start by visiting the Deals section. This page serves as the central hub for all your deals, offering a convenient overview of your trading activities.

  • Select the desired deal: Within the Deals page, locate the specific deal you wish to explore in more detail. Each deal is typically represented as a distinct entry, containing key information such as the market pair, status, and investment details.

  • Click on the deal: Once you've identified the deal of interest, simply click on it to access the Detailed Deal Page. This action will redirect you to a dedicated page that provides an extensive breakdown of the selected deal.

By following these straightforward steps to access the Detailed Deal Page, you can unlock a wealth of information and insights related to your trades. Use this in-depth analysis to evaluate the performance of your deals, make informed decisions, and fine-tune your trading strategy for optimal results.

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