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The Heart of Our Application, where Key Information is Consolidated

The Dashboard page serves as the central hub of our application, where key information about your trading experience and activity is consolidated. Designed with the trader's needs in mind, the Dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of your portfolio, statistics on your deals and bots, and a graphical representation of your balance history. With its intuitive interface and rich set of features, the Dashboard empowers you to make informed decisions, optimize your trading strategies, and track your progress towards financial success.


  1. Mini Widgets: These compact widgets offer quick insights into essential metrics related to your trading activities. They include the Deal Count widget, which displays the number of deals currently in the running status. The Investment Distribution widget showcases the proportion of your invested funds in relation to your total balance. Lastly, the Profit widget cycles through different time periods, such as All Time, Today, Month, Week, and Annual, displaying the corresponding profit figures.

  2. Balance History Graph: This graph provides a visual representation of your balance history over a specified time period. By default, it shows the daily balance fluctuations, but you can switch to different periods such as Weekly, Monthly, or All Time to gain a broader perspective of your portfolio's performance.

  3. Last Deals Completed Table: This table presents a list of your recently completed deals, highlighting key information such as the market pair, invested amount, return on investment, duration, and the date and time of completion. You can also access the comprehensive list of all deals by clicking the "All Deals" link at the top right of the table.

  4. Asset Allocation Widget: This widget offers a concise overview of your connected exchanges. It displays the exchange name, balance in BTC, balance in the system's currency, and any additional comments you may have added. Additionally, it presents a pie chart representing the percentage distribution of each exchange's share in your portfolio.

  5. Bots Statistics Widget: This widget provides statistics on your bots, focusing on a selected exchange (though it defaults to displaying data for all connected exchanges). The primary indicator showcased here is the total return value of your bots. By clicking the "All Bots" link at the top right of the widget, you can access the comprehensive list of all your bots. Moreover, clicking on an individual bot within the widget redirects you to its detailed bot page.

By leveraging the information and insights provided by the Dashboard's widgets and graphs, you can gain a deeper understanding of your trading performance, identify trends, and optimize your strategies. In the following articles, we will explore each widget and graph in detail, providing you with comprehensive guides to maximize your trading experience.

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