Running deals

Maximizing Your Trading Deals Potential

Running deals are at the core of your trading experience. In this article, we will delve into the ins and outs of running deals, exploring their significance and highlighting the key features and strategies involved. Whether initiated by trading bots based on technical analysis or manually triggered, running deals offer immense potential for profit generation.

Key Features of Running Deals:

  1. Bot-Driven Trades: Our platform empowers you with the ability to launch running deals based on technical analysis and pre-set trading configurations defined within your trading bot. These automated trades utilize sophisticated algorithms to constantly monitor the market, identify lucrative opportunities, and seamlessly execute trades on your behalf. With this automated functionality, your bot acts as a vigilant companion, proactively initiating and managing deals with precision and efficiency, allowing you to capitalize on market movements without the need for constant manual intervention.

  2. Manual Trade Execution: In addition to bot-driven trades, you have the flexibility to manually initiate running deals. This hands-on approach allows you to apply your market knowledge, react to real-time developments, and take advantage of time-sensitive opportunities that may not be captured by automated strategies.

  3. Opening a New Buy Round: To further fine-tune your trading strategy, you have the option to manually open a new buy round within an existing running deal. This feature enables you to adjust your investment position, seize favorable market conditions, and optimize your overall trading performance.

  4. Force Complete: If you find the behavior of a running deal unsatisfactory or believe it no longer aligns with your trading objectives, you have the ability to initiate a force complete action. This action initiates a trade close as soon as possible, allowing you to cut losses, reallocate resources, or redirect your focus to more promising opportunities.

Subscription Level and Running Deals:

It's worth noting that the number of simultaneous running deals you can have depends on your subscription level. Our premium plans offer higher limits on the number of concurrent trades, providing you with greater flexibility and potential for diversified trading strategies. If you find that your current subscription level is restricting your trading capabilities, consider upgrading to a higher tier plan to unlock additional opportunities.

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