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Take Control of Your Trading

Darkbot empowers users to have full control over their trading activities, allowing them to manually launch a deal when desired. By following a few simple steps, users can initiate a deal manually, ensuring flexibility and precision in their trading strategy. Let's explore how to manually launch a deal in Darkbot.

Launching a Deal Manually:

To manually launch a deal in Darkbot, ensure that the deal is in the "Ready" status and you have sufficient funds available. Once this condition is met, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the detailed page of the deal you wish to launch.

  2. Locate the "Trade Requests" section on the deal details page.

  3. Within the "Trade Requests" section, find the "Force Run" button.

  4. Click on the "Force Run" button to initiate the manual launch of the deal.

Awaiting Successful Launch Notification:

After initiating the manual launch by clicking the "Force Run" button, allow the system a moment to process the request. You will receive a notification confirming the successful launch of the deal. This notification ensures that your deal is now actively running according to your specified parameters. And also the deal will be automatically transferred to the status of "Running".

Empowering Your Trading Strategy:

By manually launching a deal, traders gain control over the precise timing and execution of their trading activities. This level of control allows for greater flexibility in responding to market conditions, news events, or personal trading strategies. With Darkbot's manual launch feature, users can tailor their trading approach and make informed decisions based on real-time market conditions.


Darkbot's Force run feature puts traders in the driver's seat, allowing them to launch deals at their preferred time and under their desired conditions. By following a simple process and confirming the "Ready" status of the deal, users can initiate a manual launch with ease. This flexibility empowers traders to adapt their strategies, optimize trading opportunities, and take control of their cryptocurrency trading activities. With Darkbot, traders have the tools they need to navigate the dynamic cryptocurrency market with confidence and precision.

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