Understanding Conditions, Pivot point and Indicator Signals

Unveiling Insights: Conditions, Indicator, and Pivot Point Signals in Darkbot

Darkbot provides traders with comprehensive insights into the conditions, indicator and Pivot Point signals associated with their deals. By analyzing these factors, users can determine why a deal in the "Ready" status has not been launched or identify the conditions that need adjustment to initiate the deal by bot. Additionally, for deals in the "Running" or "Completed" status, the starting conditions under which the deal was launched will be displayed. In this article, we will explore the widgets on the deal details page that provide information about the current conditions (Starting Conditions), indicator and Pivot Point signals.

Examining Starting Conditions, Indicator and Pivot Point Signals:

On the deal details page, traders can find widgets that display information about the current starting conditions, indicators and Pivot Point signals. Please note that this information will only be displayed if at least one of the corresponding conditions or indicators or Pivot Point has been defined for the bot.

What conditions are available:

  1. Minimum Market Trades

  2. Minimum Market Volume

  3. Bid-Ask Spread Percent

  4. Trend

  5. Minimum & Maximum 24h Change

  6. Mark Price Difference

What indicators signals are available:

  1. Buy

  2. Sell

  3. Both

What Pivot Point signals are available:

  1. Support level (Buy)

  2. Resistance level (Sell)

Analyzing the Information:

The data presented in these widgets allows traders to understand why a deal has not been launched or examine the conditions under which a deal was initiated. For conditions, there are two columns: "Expected" and "Fulfilled." If the "Expected" condition does not match the "Fulfilled" condition, the deal will not be launched. In the case of indicators and Pivot Point, the current signal is displayed in the widget and expected signal that have been selected in the bot trade setings. If this signal corresponds to the selected signals, the deal will be launched.

Utilizing the Information:

By leveraging the insights from these widgets, traders can refine their trading strategies and make informed decisions. For instance, if a deal has not been launched due to unfulfilled conditions, users can adjust the bot settings to meet the necessary criteria. Alternatively, by examining the starting conditions and indicator signals of running or completed deals, traders can gain insights into successful trading scenarios and potentially replicate them in future trades.


Darkbot empowers traders with the ability to analyze starting conditions and indicator signals for their deals. By utilizing the widgets available on the deal details page, users can gain valuable insights into why a deal has not been launched or the conditions under which a deal was initiated. This information enables traders to refine their trading strategies, make necessary adjustments, and align their trading activities with their objectives. With Darkbot's comprehensive data analysis features, traders can enhance their decision-making processes and optimize their trading experience.

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