Real-time Market Data with Exchange Tickers

Accessing and Navigating the Exchange Ticker

In the world of trading, staying informed about real-time market data is crucial for making informed decisions. Our platform provides a powerful feature called Exchange Tickers, accompanied by a comprehensive Ticker Table. In this article, we will delve into the functionality and significance of Tickers, as well as explore the extensive information presented in the Ticker Table.

Understanding Exchange Tickers: The Exchange Tickers feature provides you with essential market information for various trading pairs based on the selected exchange and stablecoin. To access the Ticker Table, simply click on the Tickers widget located in the Header Panel.

Ticker Table: The Ticker Table presents a wealth of information. First, you need to choose the exchange you want, and stabelcoin:

A short description of the values in the table:

  1. Coin: The Coin column displays the trading pair or cryptocurrency symbol associated with the market.

  2. Open: The Open column represents the opening price of the trading pair within the specified time frame.

  3. 24h High: The 24h High column indicates the highest price reached by the trading pair over the past 24 hours.

  4. 24h Low: The 24h Low column displays the lowest price recorded by the trading pair over the past 24 hours.

  5. Close: The Close column represents the most recent closing price of the trading pair.

  6. Mark Price: The Mark Price column displays the latest market price of the trading pair, which is essential for certain trading strategies.

  7. Amount: The Amount column shows the total value of trades executed for the trading pair within the specified time frame.

  8. Quantity: The Quantity column represents the total number of units of the trading pair bought or sold within the specified time frame.

  9. Trades: The Trades column displays the number of individual trades executed for the trading pair within the specified time frame.

  10. Change: The Change column indicates the percentage change in price for the trading pair over the specified time frame, allowing you to gauge its volatility.

Sorting and Searching: The Exchange Ticker Table offers convenient sorting and searching functionalities to enhance your data analysis:

  • Sorting: You can sort the table by each column by clicking on its name, in ascending or descending order, allowing you to focus on the highest or lowest values depending on your preference.

  • Searching: The table also provides a search function, enabling you to search for specific coins, making it easier to find and analyze relevant data.


With the Exchange tickers, you gain access to vital market data, empowering you to make informed trading decisions. By understanding the significance of each values in the Ticker Table, you can monitor price movements, trading volumes, and overall market trends. Additionally, the sorting and searching capabilities enable you to tailor the data analysis to your specific needs, enhancing your trading experience.

Take full advantage of the exchange tickers within our platform to stay updated on real-time market dynamics, identify potential trading opportunities, and navigate the ever-changing world of cryptocurrency trading with confidence.

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