How to create and setup HitBtc API key

Unlock Trading Power: Step-by-Step Guide to Creating and Setting Up Your HitBTC API Key with DarkBot.

In this article, we will show you how to create, configure, and connect your HitBtc API key to the Darkbot platform. DarkBot is a trading platform that allows you to work with numerous cryptocurrency exchanges from a unified interface with access to additional tools that are not available on the exchange.

All trading operations are created and processed by using an exchange API key which is unique for every user. An API key is a safest and reliable way to use a platform because it does not give access to your personal data and prevents any funds management (withdrawals & deposits).

1. Log in to HitBtc

Log in to your HitBtc account or create a new one.

2. Go to the Settings page and select Api Key tab

From main page navigate to Settings (top-right corner).

And now it is necessary to select the API keys tab.

3. Create new API key

To create a new API key, click on [New API key] button (on the right side).

4. Copy your API key and Secret key

Do not forget to save your API and secret keys. Otherwise, when you close the window, the keys will become hidden and you will have to start all over again.

5. Click on [I Understand] button

After saving the keys, click the [I Understand] button

6. Label your API key.

Give your API key any name (it is your personal choice) so you can easily understand that this key is connected to your Darkbot account.

7. Match API key access rights.

Now you need to Edit acess rights on your API key so our platform receives access to process your trading activity on your HitBtc account.

Here the list of required permissions:

  1. Order book, History, Trading balance on

  2. Place/cancel orders on

  3. Payment information

8. Add an Darkbot IP to the whitelist

Now it is necessary to add IP addresses. To do this, click on the Edit button.

In the window that opens. In the New IP field, enter the provided IPs separated by commas. Then click the [Add] button:

List of IPs:,,,,

When ready click [Save] button.

9. Submit creating Api Key

Now you need to confirm the key creation by entering the authentication code. Enter the code in the input and click the [Confirm] button.

After you need to confirm the creation of Api key by clicking on the link sent to your Email:

10. Match you API key with our application

  1. Login to your Darkbot account. (

  2. Navigate to the Credentials page

  3. Click [Connect exchange]

  4. Select HitBtc exchange in the dropdown and enter API and Secret keys

  5. Click [Save]

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