Exploring the Machine learning Tab on the Bot Details Page

Genetic Strategies in the Machine Learning Tab

The Machine Learning tab, exclusively available for genetic bots, offers a comprehensive overview of the genetic algorithm parameters for all markets where the bot operates. This tab features a table called "Genetic strategies" that displays the genetic algorithm settings for each market.

Genetic Strategies Table:

The Genetic strategies table provides detailed information about the genetic algorithm parameters for each market. The table includes the following columns:

  • Market: Represents the specific market for which the genetic algorithm is configured.

  • State: Indicates whether the genetic algorithm is enabled or disabled for the corresponding market.

  • Generation: Displays the current generation number of the genetic algorithm for the market. This number signifies the iterations or cycles of the genetic algorithm's evolutionary process.

  • Status: Represents the status of the genetic algorithm for the market. It can be "New" when the algorithm starts, "Evolution" during the evolutionary process, or "Terminated" when the algorithm finishes.

  • Statistics: The statistics column presents a graph that visualizes the individuals in different states within the genetic algorithm. The graph distinguishes between individuals in the following states: "New" (white), "Computing" (pink), "Ready" (blue), "Computed" (green), and "Failed" (red). The graph provides insights into the progress and outcomes of the genetic algorithm for the market.

Filtering and Sorting:

Traders can conveniently filter the Genetic strategies table based on specific markets and status. This functionality enables traders to focus on specific markets or view the performance of genetic algorithms in different states. Additionally, users can sort the table based on each column, except for the Statistics column, allowing them to prioritize the markets based on specific parameters.

Detailed Genetic Algorithm Page:

Clicking on a market in the Genetic strategies table opens a detailed page dedicated to the genetic algorithm for that market. This page provides a comprehensive overview of the genetic algorithm's configuration, parameters, and performance specific to the selected market. Traders can analyze the genetic algorithm's evolutionary process, evaluate its performance, and make informed decisions based on the gathered insights.


The Machine Learning tab, exclusive to genetic bots, offers traders a powerful tool for utilizing genetic algorithms in their trading strategies. The Genetic strategies table provides essential information about the genetic algorithm's parameters, status, and statistics for each market. Traders can analyze the performance of genetic algorithms, filter and sort the table, and access detailed pages for individual markets.

By leveraging machine learning and genetic algorithms, traders can enhance their trading strategies, optimize decision-making processes, and potentially achieve improved trading performance across various markets. The Machine Learning tab empowers traders to harness the potential of genetic algorithms and make data-driven decisions to stay ahead in the dynamic world of trading.

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