Trade settings step

Custom and Genetic Bot Configuration

In the third step of the Bot Wizard, traders have the opportunity to configure trade settings based on their chosen bot type: Custom or Genetic. This step allows traders to fine-tune the bot's trading parameters and strategies to align with their specific preferences and objectives.

Step 3: Trade Settings - Custom Bot Configuration:

For Custom Bots, traders can specify the following mandatory trade settings:

  1. Initial Volume: This field requires inputting the initial trading volume for the bot, representing the amount of the base currency to be used in each trade.

  2. Minimum Profit: Traders can set the minimum profit threshold that the bot aims to achieve before closing a trade.

  3. Trailing Buy: This setting enables traders to set a trailing buy order, which adjusts the buy price based on market fluctuations.

  4. Trailing Sell: Similarly, traders can set a trailing sell order, which adjusts the sell price based on market fluctuations.

  5. Execution Type: By default, the bot uses the Passive Limit execution type. However, traders can also choose between Market and Aggressive Limit execution types.

Optional fields for Custom Bots include:

  1. Stop Loss: Traders can set a stop loss order to limit potential losses by automatically selling a position if the price reaches a specified threshold.

  2. Minimum Buy Signals: This field allows traders to set the minimum number of buy signals required before the bot initiates a trade. (Works in tandem with signals from indicators and Pivot Point)

  3. Minimum Sell Signals: Similarly, traders can set the minimum number of sell signals required before the bot executes a sell order. (Works in tandem with signals from indicators and Pivot Point)

Additionally, traders have the option to activate the Martingale strategy, which can be customized with the following parameters:

  • Percent: Traders can specify the percentage increase in the trade volume for each subsequent trade in the Martingale sequence.

  • Deviation: This parameter determines the deviation from the initial trade volume when adjusting the volume for each subsequent trade.

  • Maximum Trade Request: Traders can set a maximum limit for the number of trade requests the bot will make in the Martingale sequence.

Results of the Martingale calculation can be viewed in a dedicated table.

Furthermore, traders can activate the Pivot Point feature, which allows them to configure:

  • Type: Traders can select the type of Pivot Point calculation they prefer.

  • Timeframe: This parameter determines the timeframe used to calculate the Pivot Points.

Support and Resistance levels can be adjusted using sliders, providing traders with more control over these levels. Traders can choose to enable or disable each level independently.

Indicators can be added by clicking the [Add New Indicator] button, which opens a window to select the desired indicator. Traders can choose the signal type (Buy, Sell, or Both) and customize the indicator settings, if applicable.

Step 3: Trade Settings - Genetic Bot Configuration:

For Genetic Bots, traders can activate the following criteria:

  • Balance

  • Average Profit Trade

  • Profit Factor

  • Profitable Deals

  • Expected Payoff

  • Drawdown

  • Recovery Factor

Each criterion can be assigned a weight from 1 to 10, indicating its importance in the genetic algorithm.

Traders can also adjust the genetic algorithm settings using sliders, including:

  • Generation Size: This parameter determines the size of each generation in the genetic algorithm.

  • Gene Mutation Probability: Traders can set the probability of gene mutation in the genetic algorithm.

  • Population Filter: This setting allows traders to filter the population based on specified criteria.


The Trade Settings step of the Bot Wizard provides traders with extensive customization options for both Custom and Genetic Bots. By configuring trade parameters, activating strategies, and fine-tuning algorithms, traders can create tailored bots that align with their trading strategies and goals. This level of flexibility empowers traders to optimize their trading experience and potentially achieve more favorable trading outcomes.

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