Exploring the Sidebar Menu pages

Accessing Essential Pages with Ease

Efficient navigation is crucial for seamless user experience within our platform. The Sidebar Menu provides quick access to various pages, allowing you to effortlessly explore and manage different aspects of your trading journey. In this article, we will delve into the functionalities and descriptions of the available pages accessible through the Sidebar Menu. Sidebar menu have to states:

Open and closed: You can open or close the side menu by pressing the button above the side menu

Pages Accessible via the Sidebar Menu:

  1. Dashboard: The Dashboard page presents essential statistical information related to your balance, deals, bots, and connected exchanges. It provides a comprehensive overview of your trading activities and performance, empowering you with valuable insights at a glance.

  2. Deals: On the Deals page, you can find all your available deals categorized into various statuses, including Ready, Cancelled, Completed, and Running. This page allows you to monitor the progress and outcomes of your deals, providing valuable information to inform your trading decisions.

  3. Bots: The Bots page displays all the bots you have created. Here, you can manage and monitor the performance of your bots, and analyze their trading activities. It serves as a central hub for all your bot-related operations.

  4. Credentials: The Credentials page provides an overview of all the connected exchanges. Here, you can manage and configure the credentials necessary for integrating and accessing your exchange accounts within our platform. And also analyze the information on each added exchange.

  5. Billing: The Billing page presents important information about your subscription. It allows you to review your subscription details, and payment information. This page ensures transparency and easy management of your subscription plans, ensuring uninterrupted access to premium features. A detailed subscription comparison table will also be available to you at any time.


The Sidebar Menu serves as a convenient navigation tool, offering quick access to vital pages within our platform. Whether you need to monitor your trading statistics, manage your deals, configure bot settings, handle exchange credentials, or review your subscription information, the Sidebar Menu provides a streamlined pathway to effortlessly navigate through different sections of our platform.

Enjoy the efficiency and ease of use provided by the Sidebar Menu as you explore and manage various aspects of your trading activities. With its intuitive design and convenient access to essential pages, you can optimize your trading experience and make informed decisions with confidence.

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