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In this article, we explain the different Darkbot subscriptions

We offer three subscription plans to cater to the different needs of our customers: Free, Standard, and Premium. Each plan comes with its own set of features, limitations, and pricing options, designed to provide our clients with the best possible trading experience.

To get information about the features of each of the subscriptions, you can explore in detail the table.

Here's a breakdown of the key differences between each plan:

Pricing Options

The Free plan is completely free, offering a basic set of features to get started. The Standard plan is available for $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year, providing access to additional features and expanded capabilities. The Premium plan, priced at $29.99 per month or $299.99 per year, offers the most comprehensive feature set and benefits, including the advanced capabilities of Machine Learning, for traders who seek the highest level of performance.

  1. Running Deals

Running Deals refers to the number of simultaneous trading deals that can be executed using the bot. The Free plan allows users to run 1 deal at a time, while the Standard plan allows up to 100 deals, and the Premium plan offers unlimited deals. This feature provides flexibility for traders to execute multiple transactions concurrently.

  1. Maximum Bots

MAximuMaximum Bots represents the maximum number of bots that users can create. With the Free plan, users can create 1 bot, while the Standard plan allows up to 50 bots, and the Premium plan offers the ability to create up to 500 bots. This feature enables users to diversify their trading strategies and manage multiple bots simultaneously.

  1. Backtests per Day

Backtests per Day determines the number of backtests users can perform within a 24-hour period. Backtesting allows traders to evaluate the performance of their trading strategies using historical data. The Free plan allows up to 5 backtests per day, the Standard plan offers 50 backtests, and the Premium plan provides 100 backtests per day. This feature enables users to optimize and refine their trading strategies more effectively.

  1. Premium Indicators

Premium Indicators are advanced technical analysis tools that can assist traders in making informed trading decisions. These indicators provide additional insights and signals for identifying potential market trends and opportunities. While the Free plan does not include access to premium indicators, the Standard and Premium plans offer a wide range of advanced indicators for traders to enhance their trading strategies.

  1. Portfolio Rebalancing

Portfolio Rebalancing is a feature exclusive to the Premium plan. It automates the process of adjusting the allocation of assets in a trader's portfolio based on predefined rules or strategies. This ensures that the portfolio remains aligned with the trader's desired risk and return objectives. Portfolio rebalancing helps traders maintain a diversified and optimized investment portfolio without manual intervention.

  1. Priority Support

Priority Support provides enhanced assistance and priority access to our support team for users subscribed to the Premium plan. This means that Premium plan subscribers receive faster response times and dedicated support to address their inquiries, technical issues, or any other concerns they may have. Priority Support ensures that Premium plan users receive top-notch assistance when they need it.

  1. Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a powerful feature available exclusively in our Premium plan. It provides traders with the ability to train their trading bots using advanced machine learning algorithms and genetic algorithms. By leveraging machine learning techniques, traders can enhance their trading strategies by allowing the bots to analyze market patterns, historical data, and make adaptive decisions based on the insights gained from the learning process. Machine Learning in our Premium plan empowers traders to stay ahead of the curve and maximize their trading performance by leveraging sophisticated artificial intelligence capabilities.


Our subscription plans are designed to meet the different needs of our clients, whether they are beginners or experienced traders. Each plan offers a unique set of features and pricing options, allowing our customers to choose the plan that best fits their trading goals and budget. Whether you're looking for basic functionality, advanced indicators, portfolio rebalancing, priority support, or the cutting-edge power of Machine Learning, our Premium plan delivers the ultimate tools and support for traders to excel in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency trading.

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