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In addition to its core functionalities, the Sidebar Menu in our platform provides convenient shortcuts to popular social media platforms, allowing you to stay connected and updated with the latest news, announcements, and community interactions. In this sub-article, we will explore the quick navigation options available for Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

  1. Telegram: By selecting the Telegram icon in the Sidebar Menu, you will be swiftly redirected to our official Telegram news channel. This channel serves as a reliable source of timely news updates, market insights, platform announcements, and educational content. Joining our Telegram news channel allows you to stay informed about industry trends, platform enhancements, and trading strategies.

  2. Twitter: With a simple click on the Twitter icon in the Sidebar Menu, you will be directed to our official Twitter page. Stay updated with real-time news, market trends, trading tips, and platform announcements. Follow us on Twitter to access a wealth of information, interact with the trading community, and stay connected with the latest developments in the crypto world.

  3. Facebook: The Facebook icon in the Sidebar Menu allows you to effortlessly access our official Facebook page. Engage with a wider audience, explore informative content, and receive updates on platform enhancements, new features, and industry news. Like our page to connect with fellow traders, share experiences, and be part of a supportive trading community.

  4. Instagram: By selecting the Instagram icon in the Sidebar Menu, you can quickly navigate to our official Instagram account. Immerse yourself in captivating visuals, educational content, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of our platform. Follow us on Instagram to stay inspired, discover trading insights, and get a glimpse into the world of cryptocurrency trading.


The Sidebar Menu not only provides seamless navigation within our platform but also offers quick access to popular social media platforms such as Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. By utilizing these shortcuts, you can stay connected, engage with the trading community, receive important updates, and access valuable resources to enhance your trading journey. Embrace the power of social media connectivity and leverage these platforms to stay informed, expand your knowledge, and connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for trading.

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