Exploring the Markets Tab on the Bot Details Page

Analyzing Active Markets

The Market tab provides valuable insights into the active markets utilized by the bot on the Bot Details page. The centerpiece of this tab is the Active Markets table, which displays statistics for each active market. Additionally, if there are any excluded markets, they are listed below the table. In this article, we will explore the functionalities and information presented on the Market tab.

Active Markets Table:

The Active Markets table presents a comprehensive overview of the bot's active markets and their respective statistics. For each market, the following information is available:

  • Market: This column displays the name or identifier of the market.

  • Profit Deals: The number of profitable deals executed in the market.

  • Loss Deals: The number of unprofitable deals executed in the market.

  • Total Return: The overall return generated from the market.

  • Running Deals: Indicates whether there are currently running deals in the market (Yes or No).

Users can filter the table based on specific markets using the multi-select option. This allows them to focus on specific markets of interest and analyze their performance in detail.

Furthermore, users have the option to sort the table based on each column, allowing them to arrange the markets in descending order based on the selected parameter. This flexibility enables users to prioritize markets based on their performance metrics.

Excluded Markets:

If there are any markets that have been excluded by the user, they are displayed in a separate block below the Active Markets table. This provides users with visibility into the markets that are intentionally excluded from the bot's trading activities.

Hide Excluded Checkbox:

At the top of the table, there is a checkbox labeled "Hide Excluded." By default, this checkbox is selected, meaning that the statistics of the excluded markets are hidden. However, users can uncheck this option to reveal the statistics of the excluded markets if they need to assess their performance or make any adjustments to the exclusion list.


The Market tab offers a comprehensive view of the bot's active markets, allowing users to analyze and monitor the performance of each market. With the Active Markets table, users can easily access essential statistics such as profit deals, loss deals, total return, and the presence of running deals in each market. The ability to filter and sort the table based on various parameters provides users with a powerful tool for optimizing their trading strategies. Additionally, the inclusion of excluded markets ensures transparency and allows users to evaluate the impact of excluding specific markets from the bot's trading activities.

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