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Take Control of Your Trading Outcome

In Darkbot, traders have the ability to manually close a deal to either lock in profits or exit unfavorable positions. By utilizing the "Force Complete" feature, users can take control of their trading outcome and make timely decisions based on their desired results. Let's explore how to manually close a deal in Darkbot.

Closing a Deal Manually:

To manually close a deal in Darkbot, ensure that the deal is in the "Running" status and you have determined the desired outcome. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Navigate to the detailed page of the deal you wish to close.

  2. Confirm that the deal is currently in the "Running" status.

  3. Assess the performance of the deal and decide whether you want to lock in profits or exit an unfavorable position (Also, do not forget, the bot depending on the trading settings and conditions will also automatically complete deals).

  4. Scroll down to the lower-left section of the page and locate the "Danger Zone" option.

  5. Click on the "Danger Zone" to reveal additional options.

  6. Within the "Danger Zone," click on the "Force Complete" button to initiate the manual closure of the deal.

Confirmation and Execution:

After clicking the "Force Complete" button, a pop-up window will appear, requesting confirmation of the action. Verify your choice and click on "Force Complete" again to proceed with the manual closure.

Please note that the deal may not be instantly completed as the sell trade request may not be executed immediately. As the selling process continues, new orders with lower prices may be opened within the trade request until it is fully executed. Therefore, the final outcome of the deal may differ from your initial expectations.

Notification of Deal Closure:

Once the manual complete process is initiated, the system will provide a notification indicating that the deal will be closed shortly. This notification confirms that the necessary actions have been initiated and the deal will be completed in the near future.

Managing Your Trading Outcome:

The ability to manually complete a deal in Darkbot empowers traders to actively manage their trading outcomes. Whether it's securing profits or minimizing losses, the "Force Complete" feature gives traders the flexibility to make timely decisions aligned with their trading strategies.


Darkbot's Force complete feature allows traders to take control of their trading outcomes by manually closing deals when desired. By following the simple steps outlined above, users can initiate the closure process for deals in the "Running" status. It's important to be aware that the actual closure of the deal may vary due to the execution of sell trade requests within the deal. With Darkbot, traders have the tools and flexibility to adapt their trading strategies, optimize their results, and stay in control of their cryptocurrency trading activities.

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