Exploring the Bot Wizard:

Simplifying Bot Creation

The process of creating trading bots can be complex and time-consuming. However, with the advent of bot wizards, the task has become more accessible and user-friendly. In this article, we will explore the Bot Wizard, a powerful tool designed to streamline the bot creation process. Comprising three simple steps, the Bot Wizard empowers traders to build customized trading bots tailored to their specific needs.

Step 1: Select Credentials and Main Coin:

The first step of the Bot Wizard involves choosing the credentials and the primary cryptocurrency that the bot will trade with. Credentials refer to the exchange or trading platform accounts that the bot will utilize for executing trades. Selecting the main coin establishes the base currency for the bot's trading activities.

Step 2: Choose Markets and Set Conditions:

In the second step, traders select the markets on which the bot will operate and configure the conditions that will trigger the bot to create and execute trades. Market selection is crucial as it determines the specific trading environments in which the bot will function. Additionally, traders can set various conditions such as minimum market trades, minimum market volume, bid-ask spread percent, trend, minimum & maximum 24h change, mark price difference that will influence the bot's decision-making process.

Step 3: Select Bot Type and Configure Trade Settings:

The final step of the Bot Wizard involves selecting the bot type, either Custom or Genetic, and configuring the trade settings accordingly. Custom bots allow traders to define specific trading strategies and parameters based on their preferences. On the other hand, Genetic bots employ advanced genetic algorithms to optimize trading strategies based on historical data. Traders can fine-tune the trade settings of custom bots or specify criteria and adjust the genetic algorithm parameters for genetic bots.


The Bot Wizard revolutionizes the process of creating trading bots by simplifying and automating the setup steps. With its intuitive interface and user-friendly design, traders can swiftly create and customize bots according to their trading preferences and strategies. By utilizing the Bot Wizard, traders can enhance their trading efficiency, capitalize on market opportunities, and unlock the potential for automated and profitable trading.

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