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Customizing Maximum Daily Drawdown and Maximum Running Deals

Customizing investment settings is a crucial aspect of portfolio management. By adjusting parameters such as Maximum Daily Drawdown and Maximum Running Deals, investors can fine-tune their investment strategies to align with their risk tolerance and trading preferences. This article will guide you through the process of modifying these settings on the Investment page.

Accessing Investment Settings:

  1. Begin by navigating to the Investment page of the desired investment.

  2. Locate the Settings widget within the page.

  3. Click on the gear icon (settings icon) in the Settings widget to open the investment settings popup.

Understanding the Parameters:

a) Maximum Daily Drawdown: The Maximum Daily Drawdown parameter measures the maximum percentage decline in the value of an investment during a single trading day. It helps control risk by limiting potential losses. By default, this parameter is set to "Unlimited," meaning there is no specified limit.

b) Maximum Running Deals: The Maximum Running Deals parameter determines the maximum number of concurrent deals that can be executed for a specific investment. It regulates the volume of trading activity to manage exposure and prevent overtrading. Like the Maximum Daily Drawdown, the default value for this parameter is "Unlimited."

Adjusting the Settings:

  1. To modify the settings, enter the desired values in the respective input fields.

    • For the Maximum Daily Drawdown field, you can input values between 1 and 20 (inclusive). Leaving the field blank will set the parameter to "Unlimited."

    • The Maximum Running Deals field accepts any positive number greater than 1. Leaving it empty will also result in an "Unlimited" value.

  2. After entering the desired values, click the [Save] button. This action will save the updated settings for the investment.


By adjusting the investment settings, specifically the Maximum Daily Drawdown and Maximum Running Deals parameters, investors can customize their trading approach and risk management strategy. Navigating to the Investment page, accessing the Settings widget, and modifying the settings through the popup interface are straightforward steps to tailor the investment behavior. Remember to save the changes to ensure the updated settings take effect. Empower yourself with the flexibility to adapt and optimize your investment approach through these customizable parameters.

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