Sorting and filtering deals

Streamlining Your Deal Management with Filtering and Sorting Options

The Deals Listing page provides a comprehensive overview of all the deals generated by your trading bot, categorized into different statuses: Ready, Running, Completed, and Cancelled. To enhance your deal management experience, the platform offers robust filtering and sorting functionalities. This article explores how you can utilize these features to efficiently navigate and analyze your deals.

  1. Filtering Deals by:

    • Status: Filter deals based on their status, allowing you to focus on specific categories such as Ready, Running, Completed, or Cancelled. This feature enables you to tailor your view to the current stage of your deals.

    • Exchange: Filter deals by the connected exchanges, narrowing down the list to deals executed on specific platforms. This capability provides flexibility in analyzing the performance of your trades across different exchanges.

    • Market: Filter deals by specific trading pairs, enabling you to isolate and evaluate the performance of deals associated with particular markets.

    • Return: Apply filters based on the profit or loss generated by the deals, helping you identify specific deals that have resulted in favorable returns or incurred losses.

    • Date Range (From and To): Select a date range to filter deals, allowing you to focus on deals executed within a specific period. This feature aids in analyzing the performance of your deals over time.

  2. Sorting Deals - The deals can be sorted by the following parameters:

    • Date of Creation: Sort deals based on their creation date, arranging them in chronological order. This sorting option provides insights into the sequence of your deals and helps you track the timeline of their execution.

    • Date of Completion: Sort deals based on the date of their completion, allowing you to analyze the timing of deal closures and assess their overall performance.

    • Invested: Sort deals based on the amount of coins invested, enabling you to prioritize or analyze deals with higher or lower investment amounts.

    • Estimated Return: Sort deals based on the estimated return on investment (ROI), facilitating the identification of deals with higher potential returns.

    • Total Profit: Sort deals based on the total profit generated, assisting in identifying the most profitable deals or assessing the performance of your trading bot.

    Ascending/Descending Order: Utilize the sorting button to switch between ascending and descending order, allowing you to arrange deals from the smallest to largest values or vice versa. This flexibility enhances your ability to focus on specific deal characteristics or performance metrics.

By leveraging the powerful filtering and sorting options available on the Deals Listing page, you can streamline your deal analysis, gain valuable insights into your trading activities, and make informed decisions to optimize your trading strategy.

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