What information is available on the bots listning page

Exploring the Bots Listing Page

The Bots Listing page provides a comprehensive overview of all the created bots in the trading platform. This page offers a panel for filtering and sorting the bots, along with a [Create New Bot] button that opens the Bot Wizard for creating a new bot. Each bot is displayed in a card format, presenting key information and statistics. Let's delve into the details of the Bots Listing page and the data displayed for each bot.

Bot Card Overview: In the header section of the bot card, you will find the following details:

  1. Bot Name: The name given to the bot.

  2. Bot Type Icon: An icon representing the type of bot.

  3. Bot Status: Indicates whether the bot is currently active or not.

  4. Primary Coin Icon: Represents the primary cryptocurrency associated with the bot.

  5. Exchange Icon: Indicates the exchange(s) on which the bot operates.

In the body section of the bot card, the following parameters are displayed:

  1. Bot Type:

    • Description: Provides information about the type of trading bot being used.

    • Importance: Helps identify the strategy or approach employed by the bot.

  2. Market:

    • Description: Specifies the market or trading pair on which the bot operates.

    • Importance: Indicates the specific cryptocurrency or asset being traded.

  3. Period:

    • Description: Represents the time period or duration used for the bot's candlestick chart analysis.

    • Importance: Provides insights into the timeframe used for identifying trading opportunities.

  4. Total Deals:

    • Description: Shows the total number of completed trades executed by the bot.

    • Importance: Reflects the level of trading activity and experience of the bot.

  5. Running Deals:

    • Description: Displays the current number of ongoing deals managed by the bot.

    • Importance: Indicates the bot's current exposure and positions in the market.

  6. Avg Daily Return:

    • Description: Represents the average daily return generated by the bot's trading activities.

    • Importance: Provides insights into the bot's profitability on a daily basis.

  7. Total Return:

    • Description: Shows the overall return or profit generated by the bot since its activation.

    • Importance: Reflects the bot's long-term performance and profitability.

  8. Profitable Deals:

    • Description: Indicates the number of trades executed by the bot that resulted in a profit.

    • Importance: Demonstrates the bot's ability to identify profitable trading opportunities.

  9. Loss Deals:

    • Description: Represents the number of trades executed by the bot that resulted in a loss.

    • Importance: Provides an understanding of the bot's risk exposure and ability to manage losses.

  10. Total Profit and Total Loss:

    • Description: Displays the total profit and total loss generated by the bot.

    • Importance: Offers a quantitative measure of the bot's overall profitability and losses.

Furthermore, the Total Profit and Total Loss are visualized through numerical indicators and graphical representations, allowing for a quick assessment of the bot's financial performance.


The Bots Listing page serves as a centralized hub for managing and monitoring all created bots. With detailed information such as bot type, market, candlestick chart period, total deals, running deals, average daily return, total return, profitable deals, loss deals, and total profit/loss, traders can effectively evaluate the performance and profitability of their bots. This comprehensive overview empowers traders to make informed decisions and optimize their trading strategies based on the bot's historical data and real-time performance.

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