How to go to the credentials details page

Exploring the Detailed Credentials Page

The Credentials details page serves as a central hub for managing connected exchanges and accessing vital information about each exchange. To gain deeper insights into a specific exchange and its details, users can navigate to the detailed Credentials page. This article will guide you through the process of accessing the detailed Credentials page, providing a comprehensive overview of its features.

Accessing the Detailed Credentials Page:

To access the detailed Credentials page for a particular exchange, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Credentials Page: First, visit the main Credentials page, which lists all the connected exchanges in your portfolio. You can typically find a link to the Credentials page in the sidebar menu.

  2. Click on the Header of the Connected Exchange: Scan the list of connected exchanges on the Credentials page and locate the exchange you wish to explore in detail. Once you identify the exchange, click on its header or name. This action will initiate the loading of the detailed Credentials page associated with that exchange.

  3. Wait for the Credentials Details Page to Load: After clicking on the exchange header, the platform will load the detailed Credentials page specific to that exchange. This page contains comprehensive information and settings related to the exchange, allowing you to gain deeper insights into its configuration, balances, trading history, orders history, portfolio and other relevant details.


Accessing the detailed Credentials page allows users to explore a connected exchange's specific details. By navigating to this page, users can gain deeper insights into their exchange connections, make informed decisions, and effectively manage their trading activities.

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