What information is available on the trade history page

Exploring the Trade History Page

The Trade History page provides a detailed table containing comprehensive information about all your trades. This article provides an overview of the data displayed on the Trade History page and explains the available filtering and sorting options.

Trade History Table:

The Trade History table presents the following information for each trade:

  1. Side: Indicates whether it was a buy or sell trade.

  2. Order ID: Represents the unique identifier for the order associated with the trade.

  3. Trade ID: Displays the unique identifier for the trade.

  4. Market: Specifies the market or trading pair involved in the trade.

  5. Amount: Reflects the quantity of the traded asset.

  6. Price: Represents the price at which the trade occurred.

  7. Total: Calculates the total value of the trade (amount * price).

  8. Fee Amount: Displays the amount of the fee associated with the trade.

  9. Fee: Specifies the percentage or value of the fee relative to the trade.

  10. Time: Indicates the timestamp or date and time when the trade was executed.

Filtering Options:

The Trade History table offers several filtering options to refine the displayed data:

  1. Side: Filter trades based on whether they are buy or sell trades.

  2. Order ID: Search for trades by the unique identifier of the associated order.

  3. Market: Filter trades for specific markets or trading pairs.

  4. Date Range (From and To): Specify a date range to view trades within a specific period.

Sorting the Table:

The Trade History table allows sorting of each column in both ascending and descending order. You can click on the column headers to sort the data based on your preference, whether it is sorting by Side, Order ID, Trade ID, Market, Amount, Price, Total, Fee Amount, Fee, or Time.


The Trade History page provides a comprehensive overview of all your trades, allowing you to review and analyze past trading activities. With the available filtering options and the ability to sort the table by various columns, you can easily locate specific trades or analyze your trading performance based on different parameters. Utilize the Trade History page to gain insights, track your trading activities, and make informed decisions for future trading strategies.

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