How to create custom bot

Empower Your Trading with a Custom Bot Tailored to Your Unique Strategy

In this article we will show you how to create a bot quickly and easily with Bot wizard. Before you create a bot make sure that you have connected your account with the exchange in our application.

To create a new Bot:

1. Log in to you Darkbot account

2. Click on Bots page in the side menu

3. Click on [Create New Bot] in the center of the page.

4. Give your bot a name

Enter a name in the Bot name field. The maximum permitted number of characters for the field is 100.

5. Select available credential coin

Now you need to choose a coin (in the table below) for which the bot will conduct auto-trading. Make sure that you have funds on your account for the selected coin. Also if you have no funds in your account you can create a bot for the future.

6. Click [Next - Market] button

Now you need to go to the next step of creating a bot, the selecting of markets on which your bot will work.

7. Select a period of the candlestick chart

Now you need to select the candlestick chart period. By default the period is selected as 30. The period is selected in the right corner of the table.

8. Select markets for auto-trading

Now it is necessary to select markets on which the bot will work. There are several options for selecting a markes:

  1. One market

  2. Several markets

  3. Select all markets (when activating the checkbox)

Choose a setting that is comfortable for you

9. Setting up conditions for triggering deals (optional)

After selecting markets, scroll to the bottom of the page and find the Advanced conditions block. When you click the [Show] button, you will see the block with settings. Here you can set the conditions for the bot to launch deals only if the conditions are met. These fields do not have to be filled in. You can read more about each setting in the Bot Wizard section.

10. Click [Next - Trade settings] button

Now you need to go to the next step of bot creation - trading settings

11. Adjust bot's trade settings

We have reached the last step of creating the bot. Its trading settings. For your first bot, we won't go into detail about all the possible settings. Let's fill only necessary fields (you can find more details in each field on the Bot wizard page)

  1. Initial volume

  2. Minimum profit

  3. Stop loss

  4. Trailing buy

  5. Trailling sell

After filling in these fields, we can finally finish creating our first bot.

12. Click [Finish bot creation!] button

Congratulations, you have created bot with a Custom type!

For a more informative breakdown of bot creation parameters, please visit our Bot wizard section.

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